Friday, January 28, 2022

Angle Health Partners with Doctor

In 2020, Andy Leeka joined health care technology company Angle Health in Salt Lake City, Utah, as president. Under Andy Leeka’s leadership, Angle Health provides technology-enabled health care plans for employers. The company recently announced a partnership with Included Health to provide doctor-on-demand services related to urgent care and behavioral health.

Particularly since 2020, virtual health care solutions have emerged as a key tool in removing barriers to high-quality, affordable medical and behavioral health services. Angle Health Doctor on Demand by Included Health allows members to access high-quality virtual health care at any time of day from the convenience of their homes or remote locations. By expanding access to medical solutions, the service aims to improve outcomes for patients, members, and providers.

Through this new partnership, Angle Health members gain timely access to Included Health’s national network of medical professionals with minimal or no co-payments. They can access virtual care services from their accounts on either the Angle Health mobile app or the company’s online portal.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Leveraging an extensive background in health care administration, Andy Leeka serves as president of Angle Health, a medical insurance startup. Andy Leeka’s firm provides employers with leading-edge tools and human support that help them navigate the complex health care matrix and enroll employees in coverage best suited to their needs. One condition that some Angle Health patients need treatment for is respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

A company blog article brought focus to the health challenges RSV poses to infants. A common virus, RSV is associated with moderate respiratory tract and lung infections in older children and adults. However, it can result in severe illness in babies. This is particularly true among infants and toddlers who were born prematurely or who have existing conditions such as chronic lung disease and asthma.

Prevention for high-risk infants starts with parents and family members washing hands frequently and covering their faces when sneezing or coughing. At the same time, extra care should be taken to ensure that bottles, pacifiers, and teething toys are routinely cleaned with soap and water.

One of the most effective ways of not spreading RSV to those who are vulnerable involves the common-sense approach of staying home when sick. When friends or relatives visit, it may make sense to not allow them to be in contact with a baby whose health is already fragile.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Cycling Across the United States.

Andy Leeka joined San Francisco, California’s, Angle Health as president and in 2020. When he is not managing the launch of tech-enabled health plans for tech companies at Angle Health, Andy Leeka is an avid cyclist. He logs more than 8,500 miles per year and is progressing through a section ride of the United States with a friend.

Individuals interested in cycling across the country have several routes to choose from. The “original” ride across the US is known as the TransAmerica Bike Route, a 4,626-mile ride from Astoria, Oregon, to Yorktown, Virginia. The scenic journey begins along the Pacific Ocean before ascending the Sierras and passing through both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Other highlights of the trail include a crossing of the Mississippi River and passing through the Appalachians before the route ultimately concludes at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Southern Tier, meanwhile, is a shorter, 3,050-mile ride from San Diego to St. Augustine through America’s Southern territories. Riders pass through Alabama, Mississippi, and the American Southwest, but they must schedule their trip carefully. The Southern Tier is virtually unrideable during the summer months, as temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit along the way.

While most riders imagine riding coast to coast when it comes to cross-country cycling, there are also options for traversing the nation from north to south, such as the East Coast Greenway. While only 30 percent of the ride has been completely paved and maintained for cyclists, the East Coast Greenway will eventually stretch from Key West, Florida, to the Canadian border in Augusta, Maine. Other rides include the Northern Tier, the Pacific Coast Bike Route, and the Great Divide Trail.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

$4 Million Supports Angle Health’s Mission

An MBA/MPH graduate of California State University Northridge and UCLA, Andy Leeka previously spent 24 years as president and CEO of Good Samaritan Hospital in downtown Los Angeles. Andy Leeka currently leads San Francisco-based Angle Health as president.

A fully licensed health insurance carrier that provides tech-enabled health plans for startups, Angle Health announced in May 2020 that it had closed more than $4 million in a Series Seed funding round. Led by Blumberg Capital and with contributions from investors including Y Combinator and Correlation Ventures, the funding supports Angle’s mission to utilize efficient technology in the delivery of relevant health plans to modern startup employees.

Specifically, the seed money helps fund regulatory filings, expand Angle’s member platform, and launch a mobile application. Angle Health is continually working to integrate infrastructure to broaden access to primary and urgent care, chronic disease management, reproductive health, and mental healthcare. The company seeks to meet the unique needs of startups by digitizing rate quoting in minutes, enrollment, and on-boarding members to reduce enrollment timelines. Angle partnered with technology company Noyo to facilitate and reduce the burden of this back-end connection between health insurers and employers.

Angle Health Partners with Doctor

In 2020, Andy Leeka joined health care technology company Angle Health in Salt Lake City, Utah, as president. Under Andy Leeka’s leadership...